YieldNodes, March 2021: 10.6%

Another profitable month for YieldNodes, with profits of 10.6% being posted. That’s 41.8% for the first three months of the year. More if you compounded.


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*tl;dr: my withdrawal request landed in my wallet on the date promised with the correct amount*

One of the most common questions about YieldNodes was on the process to withdraw. It’s frustratingly slow but I understand why. It takes about 5 weeks from hearing if and what profits have been made to them reaching you wallet (1st of the month = notification of profits, withdraw by 15th, funds paid out before 8th of next month).

The approach allows YieldNodes to assess the total withdrawal amount, how much BTC is needed, and to plan ahead of time to purchase enough Bitcoin because YieldNodes holds funds in master-nodable coins and careful planning is needed.

A reminder that there is an emergency withdrawal feature that incurs a 25% fee should it be activated.

Anyway, here’s a few snapshots of my withdrawal process with IMGUR links: [withdrawal requested 1st Feb](https://imgur.com/a/J5cQ94g), [withdrawal confirmed on 8th March](https://imgur.com/a/KPTz1Qd) and [hitting my crypto wallet on the same date](https://imgur.com/a/fep2iVi).


I want to make sure this is clear. YieldNodes is solely a server rental program that’s operating in an experimental market, and in a niche that did not even exist 5 years ago. It’s not involved in trading, it’s not an investment scheme, it’s not a MLM scheme. The crypto world is new and susceptible to scams so I’ve appreciated YieldNodes’ efforts to be transparent. Their audit was okay … I wish it was conducted by an independent org or individuals who haven’t bought in but it’s a start.

All that to say, do your own research.


Here’s a [ref link](https://members.yieldnodes.com/c/?a=DdknlXDYLpjz8vL&redirect=signup) and here’s a [non-ref link](https://yieldnodes.com/). It’s free to register and worth doing to have a look around the members area. Disclaimer, if you use my ref link, it generates a referral bonus for the referrer for 5% of what’s deposited. If you decide to register and deposit, I’d be grateful if you used my link.

Comment with questions. DMs are open too. See you next month.

Edit: added non-ref link.

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