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Hey folks I wanted to give a resource that may help some of you. It has helped me over the years.


Clickbank Promo Tools

It is a service set up for folks willing to pay money to communicate with an “expert” in various fields.

I am an attorney and have been working on the site for 12 years now…its my “day job”. It has been a bit of a roller coaster over the years…but the gig has been good enough to keep me fully engaged and to pay off our house and all other debts. I have earned as much as $12K in a month, but average is closer to $5K. I can work as much as I like, and the more I work the more I make…I average between $50 and $100 / hour.

The site is expanding (has been for years) and I know they are looking for attorneys…so I suspect other professionals are also in demand. Doctors/Lawyers/Auto Mechanics/Coders/ lots of different categories.

Happy to answer any questions you all may have. I am not an employee of the site (I am a user of the site, like the customers).

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