Word of warning about increase in scams for work from home job offers

I recently got my own work from home job, and I noticed during applications that there were a ton of scams out there. This has also been confirmed by my local police department AND my company that just hired me.

These scams aren’t anything new. A lot of their tactics are the same as when they used to be primarily phone call scams. But now phones filter a lot of scam calls and people don’t pick up without caller ID, so they can’t just call on the phone anymore.

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Since they know people want to work from home, they are now acting like they are a company hiring remote workers.

If you want to know how NOT to get scammed, you should look up some red flags you should be aware of. Off the top of my head, some red flags I know are offering $25+ an hour for a customer service job, getting contacted immediately without an interview with a job offer, a job application portal that looks unofficial or very simple, when a recruiter communicates with you only by text, when they want YOU to purchase equipment for THEIR company, etc.

If you want to get educated on what scams look like in action, go to this YouTube channel by a guy named [Kitboga](https://www.youtube.com/@KitbogaShow). He scams the scammers so it’s really funny, but it’s also been educational for me and my family members to see what it looks like when someone is scamming you.

Be safe out there. Apply only through company websites, and do your research!!! If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

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