Why Video Creator Eric Brown Loves 90 Seconds

So you’ve got skills and experience in video production and you’re looking for work. You’ve arrived at the right place. How would you like to work collaboratively with some of the biggest brands anywhere in the world… and get paid fast!?

90 Seconds is the world’s leading cloud video creation platform, allowing some of the most exciting global brands to produce video anywhere in the world, online and on mobile. Over the last 5 years, we’ve produced over 10,000 videos for more than 1,000 brands, in over 80 countries. We’re growing and we want a big creator community. That’s where you come in.

Every step of the production process is managed and delivered online, in one place. 90 seconds is a beautiful workflow platform that allows big brands to work with creators just like you anywhere in the world.

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Shooters, editors, directors, animators, production managers. If you’re experienced in video production, we want to give you work. Tick the boxes and let us know your skill set and we’ll start sending you digital contracts for you to accept. Everything about the video project is laid out beautifully on our brief page so that everyone is on the same page.

When your running on the 90 Seconds platform, it’s all about speed. Watch shoots happen in multiple global locations, footage arrive online ready to be edited, draft videos receiving feedback and 5 star videos getting publish directly to the internet.

Get paid quickly, get more work and collaborate with global teams of epic creators just like you.

Jump on, signup and join our community…. and we’re really excited to start working with you.

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Why Video Creator Eric Brown Loves 90 Seconds is produced for 90 Seconds – 90 Seconds – The Worlds Cloud Video Production Service –
90 Seconds enables brands and agencies to get high quality online video content shot and produced anywhere in the world. 90 Seconds makes video production fast, affordable, and all managed seamlessly in the cloud from purchase to publish.

Video is starring:
– Eric Brown – Video Producer/Editor – The Media Playground

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