Why Are Ravencoin Lite Profits Down? Bitcoin Mining Profit Looking Good For 2021!

In this video we talk about why Ravencoin Lite Mining Profits are down and Mining difficulty is up. We discuss the X16r ASIC Miner Invasion that has caused a sudden Mining difficulty spike. We talk about Mining Ravencoin Lite now, future Ravencoin Lite Mining and what my strategy for Mining Ravencoin Lite is. We also discuss Bitcoins Hashrate getting back to normal levels, as we see Bitcoin mining difficulty reaching near highs. Wall street sentiment has been Bullish in The Mining Industry. Multiple publicly traded Mining companies showing big gains in the stock market. Investors feel that Bitcoins future price action will offset the rising Mining difficulty. Lastly, we talk about Chinese motives behind the latest China Crypto Ban, its diminishing impact on the Crypto Market and positive impact for Mining long term.
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China Ban Motives –

Mining Stocks Up –

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00:00 – Topics
01:00 – China Crypto Ban Motive
02:43 – BTC Mining Stock Up, Bullish On BTC for remainder of year
04:13 – RVL Algorithm Switch?
05:09 – CoinMinerz Pool Closed
06:07 – ASIC Invasion
06:36 – Future of RVL Profits
09:35 – How To Mine Ravencoin Lite


2 thoughts on “Why Are Ravencoin Lite Profits Down? Bitcoin Mining Profit Looking Good For 2021!

  • May 31, 2022 at 3:57 pm

    Ignore all of the Spam comments, claiming that I gave them BTC! I did no such thing.

  • May 31, 2022 at 3:57 pm

    It was obvious this was supose to happen, Im glad people can see that ravencoin lite is a garbage coin and maybe some comeback to the real coin Ravencoin


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