Where to start investing my $20k …

Hi all, I just joined this sub, my apologies if this is the wrong place to post or if you could direct to the correct one would be great.  Im looking to get help/advice or any info about how and where to invest some money I have saved up and grow a passive income! I’ve dived into the world of crypto and have invested in there as well.

I’ve also been planning on creating or buying and managing my own site.  I have searched for a while and thought about taking a digital marketing course (Simpli Learn?) I have contacted Simpli and spoke to one of their reps and she told me all the stuff and info that the course provides like SEO, Google analytics, website design social media marketing etc…I don’t really know if they’re a good option but from what they advertise it seems very good. 

My ultimate 10-15 year goal is to have my own profitable business/websitew online and to even create my own brand. Have passive income through that or any other streams like affiliate etc. Any advice or where I should start would be awesome!!

Clickbank Promo Tools

PS..any advice on what kinda laptop I should buy for DM would be great as well. 

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