What You Think Passive Income Is vs. What It Really Is

You think passive income is a fountain of cash that flows eternally, and once you find it, you’ll stroll up and sip that money like it’s your god-given right.

But you’re wrong. It’s more like raising a cow.
When a calf is born, it’s useless save for a veal sandwich.

Milking it 20 minutes post-birth gives you dust.

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But if you take your time… You can feed it. Give it a place to graze. And the cow will grow.

Then when it’s all big and moo-ey, you pull those udders like your life depends on it.

You document your milk output each day, learning to extract maximum value per titty tug (MVpTT).

After 18 months, you have a consistent milking process.

A never ending stream of liquid gold pours through your heifer’s areola like a daily dividend.

Then finally, you:
-document the milking process
-hire someone to milk the cow every day
-find a milk broker who picks up the milk, sells it on commission, and sends you cash

Then it’s passive.

Look dude,

No one’s going to raise and milk a cow for you without getting paid.

If you thought passive income meant getting money with no effort, you were wrong.

But no worries — it happens to everyone.

It’s normal to try the easiest proposed means to an end before expending any extra effort.

It’s actually a really efficient way to go about life.

But if you’re still fantasizing about free cash after researching passive income for 5 hours… your efficiency has devolved into an elaborate form of laziness and procrastination.

Become aware of this as you’ll likely need to combat this tendency for the rest of your life if you wish to succeed.

Now get back to work!


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