What Passive Income ideas worked out for you?

Hi guys and gals 🙂

I found this great community a few days ago. I heard a lot about passive income from youtube, but was still hesitant to actually try it. I have a coding background and for decades would work my mind to the bone to earn income. Hearing somebody tell me to get rich was always suspicious to me. There aren’t free meals, right? Well I am willing to become a believer and was hoping to learn from you guys. Your experience is what I seek. There are just so many ways to earn money and I am looking for a bit of guidance as I feel a bit lost as to where to focus my time and energy in.

#My question is which passive income products, categories or ideas actually have worked out for you?

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To give the answers some structure please use a format like this:

# Idea – $ expected monthly revenue – Main Marketing channel – difficulty to start

E.g. Amazon KDP – $5000 – Amazon ads – Easy

I am a hard worker and willing to learn something completely new if needed.

Of course I am not asking that for free. Your time is precious! I have experience with nocode and coding building mobile apps and web apps. So all guys who provide useful answers here, can in return ask me a question about coding architecture and tools about building mobile or web applications to upgrade his or her passive income.

Hope to hear a lot of ideas.

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