What is the most profitable way of selling t-shirts?

I’m interested in creating a passive stream of income through designing and selling t-shirts. It seems like there are so many options out there, I’m curious about the best way to configure them in order to create the most profit.

Redbubble is obviously a popular one here but I’ve heard about ethical issues since its beginning – stealing artwork, selling artwork to other sites, and so-on.

I’m a graphic designer with a background in fashion by profession, and while I don’t really want to go so far as to create my own brand or company (not interested in quantities or manufacturing, I want a low-risk option), I still don’t want the designs that I’m making to be ripped so easily.

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Everpress looks like a promising one but I’m concerned that it only offers exclusive contracts? Does anyone have more insight into this?

Etsy is a possibility but I would need to deal with manufacturing on some level, and I don’t really want to possess any stock. If I were to go this route, is there a way for Etsy to work with on-demand printing and shipping from another source?

Or the other option that I can think of is going with all of the non-exclusive contract sites such as Redbubble, Society 6, Cafe-Press, etc. but my concern is that their quality and services are lacking, as well as the audience that I’d probably get from Everpress. But would my profits potentially be more?

Any advice would be helpful!

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