What is e-commerce CRM?

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People aren’t buying like they used to.
But they’re still buying. And buying … But they’re doing it online. At all hours… from absolutely everywhere.
Okay maybe not there.
Not yet, anyway.
Roughly four out of five Americans are now online shoppers*.
And more than half of them have used a mobile device to make purchases…*
…creating a whole new category: mobile commerce or m-commerce for short.
And they’re buying differently. Some shoppers get help from voice-activated digital assistants. Some buy directly from social media. Or choose to buy online and pick up in store.
As a business, it’s daunting to know that customers have virtually unlimited options. The good news is that, with e-commerce CRM… so do you!
You can use it to join or create marketplaces that increase your brand footprint.
Tap into e-commerce automation to trigger emails to high value customer, flag fraud issues, and reduce shopping cart abandonment.
Take advantage of omnichannel CRM to deliver a consistent, delightful customer experience across all of your channels and boost ecommerce conversions.
With headless commerce, you can stay nimble, quickly and easily updating your marketing without affecting your back-end system.
And by the way, digital commerce isn’t just for consumers. B2B e-commerce is even bigger than the B2C e-commerce market. Six times bigger.
It’s definitely time to increase your speed and agility… personalize your e-commerce marketing and service… and recognize customers across all channels. You know how they love attention.
A smart e-commerce CRM solution can take your business to new heights. How far will you go?
The sky’s the limit.


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