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Some of you said this was a stupid idea. Well at exactly 50 days later and going for it anyways here’s my passive income stats on Swimply. The premise is that people rent your pool hourly and the more the people the more it costs them. As opposed to an AirBnb where they rent my whole house.

I have made $2500.

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I rent for $30 hour and $5 per person after 5 people.

Made my profile with the aerial photos from my houses listing when I bought, as well as the nice wide angle photos they took of the whole back yard.

I own my home and my pool is decent size (no hot tub)
I started early June and have booked parties every weekend.

I made my garage access bathroom available to large parties

I already had Arlo cameras so I move one into the back yard for liability reasons

I already had max liability insurance, but cameras make it even safer.

Amenities I provide are a BT speaker, grill, trash cans, and bathroom.

I have not invested ANY money into this so it’s as passive as it gets.

I stay inside and the users text me via the app if they need something or have questions.

I stay inside, and only meet/see them off.

Once they leave I wipe everything down (Covid) and run my pump for an extra 2 hours to clear out the hair and sunblock from so many people.

My pool guy still comes every Friday and costs me $100 monthly.

My previous post said was met with comments saying this was stupid, but for me it’s worked out. Also helps I’m one of 3 pools available in a 30 mile radius in a heavily residential area.

So if you don’t mind people hanging out in your backyard give it a try.

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