What do you think can replace advertisments?

The biggest problem that innovators face is reaching so many people in the market and the way innovators can reach people is through advertisments but most advertisements are expensive for 18 year old innovators who’re just starting out. To make it worse, it doesn’t work always so its a risk too.

What people usually say is to build social media channels but it’d take years to build a social media channel big enough so that you get sales.

Even in this group, the questions are not really about how to make something. People are pretty great in terms of innovating something to solve a problem but they struggle when it comes to reaching the masses and its so important to reach the masses because not everyone who see your product buy it. I think probably 10% would buy from you.

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So lf somebody know how to replace ads to get our innovations to masses, it’d be a great help for me as well as many.

I typed the question in Google “What is better than advertisments” and Google says PR.
What is PR? I think it’s earned publicity through newspapers. I haven’t tried it yet. Anybody who tried?

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