What do I do with 9k?

I’m 30 in san diego, ca with a baby living with my parents after I got laid off. I have 9k to spend but 15k in debt. Its definitely not much but I want to put my 9k to work so I can help my parents, at least with groceries and not be totally broke before i start working. Is there anything I can do now for passive income?

I tried working a 9-5 and day care is expensive so I’d rather spend this time to be with my family instead of making money to spend it all on other people being with my baby.

I tried stocks but no matter how much I researched, stayed safe or gambled, I’m just not good at it on my own. (Put in 800 and made 30 bucks in the last year. Can’t pay my parents back with 30 bucks in one year)

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I tried a little investing in real estate but I guess I chose the wrong people to follow (I paid almost 1800 in classes, seminars, gas, travel, lodging, fees and got nothing but a “this deal didn’t go thru. I’ll reach out to you if I see anything else”)

Currently helping my parents with the labor and upkeep of their apartment since they’ll been living here a long time and they hoarded a lot of trash. My parents can’t hold my baby and can’t keep up with him because they are older so they can’t babysit. I’ve decided not to work until he goes to school because of that.

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