Web developer looking to team up for online passive income

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meanwhile I found a team mate. Keeping this post open for reference.
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Hi I hope this post is allowed here. I joined today.

In short: I’m looking for a “teammate” to get started with building online passive income. Preferably someone that has similar skills and interests. Mine are SEO , PHP and web development in general.

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My goal is to create a monthly income stream of approximately 2000€ or higher ( I’m from the Netherlands , therefore Euro’s, but it roughly translates to 2000usd). In the past I had a website the generated that amount monthly, (10 years) but because of lack of time, stricter EU regulations and above all fierce competition that eventually blew me away, it all dried up .

Now I want to start again. I’m open to many ideas, affiliate marketing, AdSense, etc. But preferably passive. I do not want to invest financially, just time wise.

My ideal teammate would also know php programming, since two can do more than one. If you are in the Netherlands, that would be a plus, not a requirement. In general I found it easier to work on topics that I actually like. For example music, guitars, cars, photography, snowboarding. Obviously, you must be willing and able to invest time.

Why did I post here? We’ll I do know some people that fit the profile, but they are too busy with their full-time jobs. In Google, this community keeps coming up so I thought just to give it a try.

Just send a message and let’s see if what happens.

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