Watch out for grifters promising things that are too good to be true

Easy to make (passive), requires you have a lot of money to start with, generates a lot of money. Pick two.

That’s the nature of most income. If something requires very little money to start, is extremely easy to do, and generates you a lot of money – you have to start thinking it’s too good to be true.

I’m seeing the specifically in response to some people shilling cryptocurrency staking or arbitrage scams which I’m fairly sure are Ponzi schemes. Some are promising 120% returns annually. Think about where they’re getting the money to pay this out (hint: the next sucker). Think about how quickly you’re doubling your money in this instance and think about if this is realistic – do you really think you can turn $1000 to a million in 10 years by doing **nothing**?

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Just some food for thought. I wish people who did things like run easily automatable businesses, real estate, hard work upfront for passive income later etc. posted more – seems like the majority is grifters appealing to people who want to make ludicrous amounts of money for no work and with no starting capital. Wish life were that easy tbh.

Edit to clarify: Not all crypto is a scam – but the ones promising 2000% APY definitely are. Do your due diligence in Googling, checking post history etc.

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