VOLUNTEERS WANTED! I will critique your passive income Website/Blog for SEO via a private YouTube video for $0

Hello everyone!

I am looking for a handful of volunteers that are willing to be a testimonial for my Fiverr gig.

I have been studying SEO since 2011 and am trying to run a small consultant business on the side, but I need some testimonials before anyone can trust my services.

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For absolutely no cost, **I will create a YouTube private video** answering **3 questions** that you have about your website that pertain to SEO, or something else if you have something more pertinent to ask. I will send you the link once that YouTube video is done.

In exchange, you will allow me to *use this testimonial for my Fiverr page so I can build trust in my customer base*.

If you’re open to critiques and are wanting to improve through my consultation services at no cost to you, **please send me a direct message with a link to your website and 3 questions you would like me to answer. I can get back to you in 1-3 days.**

Thank you so much!

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