Using social medias like Discord, Twitch and Youtube to get income

Today I would like to talk about how underrated are some social medias and I will use the example of Discord.

I recently discovered a lot about it, of course lockdown helps. A year ago, I knew nothing about this social network, compared to now when I start to have quite a good knowledge about it.
So while browsing Discord, I rapidly discovered the possibility to grow income in a more or less passive way.

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For passive incomes, I found out that as a server admin, you can get in touch with companies and sign up for affiliate programs related to your server. I am not a pro with affiliation but if this works, that can be an excellent opportunity, especially for now. Of course, affiliation is not the only one, there is sponsorship, fundraising or partnership with other servers. The good point of being in touch with companies is that you can increase the activity on the server with giveaways or any kind of other engaging event. This [link]( summarises everything.

For less pass incomes, I know that each streamer use his own Discord server, mainly to talk with other streamers from Twitch or Youtube. Everybody can join the server but the channels usually remain locked so they can chat peacefully. But the server always need moderators and admin. Usually Discord is the place where you get hired before moving to YouTube and Twitch.
Most of the streamers have to pay for that, as it is a job, usually with a timetable and something very clear.
Being hired as a mod on Twitch is not very difficult. You need to pass some easy tests and be available very often. Also knowing about the streamer is always appreciated.

With lockdown, Twitch and Youtube have experienced a growth, especially with streamers trying their best to entertain their community. If you know some streamer that are starting to grow, try to join their Discord server and apply to become a mod or stay alert for the position. They often talk about it as the turnover is high.

I really hope this can help some of you.

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