UPDATE: I am 14 and am earning way too much for my age.

A few months ago, i made a post asking for help since i was earning way too much money, seeing as i am 14. I got alot of questionable answers, but tonnes of helpful ones as well!

First of all, i am happy to report my earnings are up from 2-3000$ per month, to ~$4500! I capitalized on the youtube channel, the support from fans have been incredible.

My father was very understanding of my whole situation, opened an ETF savings account, advertising an average 7.5% annual growth. 80% of what i earn goes there, and stays there. He also got into contact with a tax advisor, since i can’t not pay my taxes.

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Noone except my direct family knows i’m earning this kind of money, something i am very grateful for. I’m extremely grateful for my father, supporting me through everything.

Edit: Like in my last post, I’d rather not get into the specifics of my youtube channel.

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