Update. Covid really screwed up my passive income

This is an update to a previous post I made on this sub.

I started a web development agency and I am in the process right now of trying to get funding to start up my web development agency. Right now I am also getting trained in real estate working for 10 dollars an hour. I’m taking the Georgia Real Estate license course and I should be done in 1 month from now. Right now I’m basically earning nothing. I was hoping to start my web dev agency and really kick it off by now. Covid stopped me from meeting up with 2 people who were going to be instrumental in making that happen. It also restricted me from using my biggest strength which is my ability to connect with people in person. A few weeks back there was a leak in my water heater and my whole place flooded. The carpet and walls had to be removed because of mold. Because of that leak the electricity also had issues and half of the lights stopped working. The AC stopped working for a few days as well. It would have all been managable, but at the time covid was really poppin off. So it took the people forever to fix everything. I’m really low on cash right now and I’m just hoping things ease out from here. Like there were riots on my street at the end of June. It really can’t get any worse than this right? I am also working on some youtube videos. This passive income is a long term thing for me, I realize that I’m most likely not gonna be like a 27 year old millionaire, I’m just going for sustainability. That feeling of satisfaction when you have money to pay for all of your expenses, the financial security of that, that’s unmatched. I’m still at my early stages in this and I know it sounds like I’m just every other person struggling, but I’m really gunning for big things. So yeah I just thought I’d leave this here just in case.

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