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I have questions about anyone’s positive or negative experience with any of the following (type of) firms. allthingsecommerce.net They market themselves as firms that will research a niche, find suppliers, and build a Shopify store. The founder owner a now closed digital marketing firm in the past.

Www.brandbuilders.io and Human Proof Designs are same as above, but they also build affiliate sites.

1k to 5k for a TurnKey site? Thoughts?

Clickbank Promo Tools

I can’t find any reviews, and they all seem to be very light on details when you start asking questions. (Can’t produce reference, claiming confidentiality, I call BS on that)

Is this premise the modern-day snake oil salesmen concept?

Can anyone recommend a company that does this work and is producing results? (Sites delivering a profit)

I realize there is work needed in any endeavor, so please, no snarky replies.

I am asking if you know of any firm that delivers on the value proposition of affiliate programs or ready-to-go turnkey online businesses as a cost-effective and straightforward way to set up and start operating a new enterprise without having to spend time researching and writing a website from scratch.

The pitch is:
Creating a website and populating it with the right type of content is one of the most significant time drains when you first start as an affiliate, but you need to do this before you can start marketing your business and bringing in buyers.
Turnkey websites businesses claim to do all of this for you, often making ambitious claims about the ready and waiting audience of buyers who will immediately discover your new site in searches, and be keen to make a purchase.


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