Trying to make the first step

I have been working with a start up company for over a year now and went from nothing to over 6M in sales in the first year. I was just a marketing and SEO guy but there was no one other than me and my boss doing this stuff.

Now that we stabilized the company and are confident it can continue to prosper, I am looking how I can turn my new knowledge into income for myself only.

I learned marketing, SEO, fb ads, web design, and more. I had 2 things in mind: marketing agency and a set of websites to incur ad revenue and sell back links.

Clickbank Promo Tools

I would be able to run a marketing campaign for a brand with the help of some freelancers so I would just coordinate it and collect the difference. And I want to set up like 5-10 websites to incur ad revenue and grow so I can sell a link to the site.

Has anyone had any experience with these and how I can go about it? Thanks.

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