Tryhards Crypto Review 2021 | Tryhards Play to Earn NFT Game

Tryhards Crypto Review 2021 | Tryhards Play to Earn NFT Game

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TryHards is an NFT shooting metaverse driven by the community – for the
community. The metaverse is a network of always-on virtual environments in which many people can interact with one another and digital objects while operating virtual representations — or avatars — of themselves.

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Metaverse is a portmanteau of meta, meaning transcendent, and verse, from the universe. The game is a MOBA – inspired shooter where anyone can earn $TRY tokens through skill and their contribution to the platform by for example providing liquidity and stake their tokens.

The $TRY token is an ERC20 token which is a standard used for creating and issuing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts can then be used to create a smart property or tokenized assets that people can invest in. ERC stands for “Ethereum request for comment,” and the ERC20 standard was implemented in 2015.

Gamers can collect and train their Fanatics (Champions) and weapons in order to make tactical decisions while they battle for honor in the arena on Planet X. Combining the best of DeFi and NFTs to create a truly unique and everlasting shooting metaverse.

As early adopters of the play-to-earn genre, TryHards can be seen as a platform where gamers can find and interact with like-minded pioneers.

Tryhards NFT Game:
The biggest NFT based cross-chain blockchain action game with Chainlink VRF.

Play Win Earn:
Everything in Tryhards takes place on Planet X. Fanatics hailing from different planets come here to fight, earn precious crystals and get themselves a top spot on the Leaderboard. The more your Fanatics fight, the more you will earn.

All Fanatics and Weapons are securely stored in the Polygon blockchain in the form of an NFT, giving you full ownership over your Universe.

Craft Crystals of better quality and level up your Fanatics at the Refinery.

At the Marketplace, you can prepare for the battlefield by trading Fanatics, Crystals, and Weapons with other players.

Stake your Universe Power to earn TRY Tokens. The higher your total Universe Power, the more Tokens you will be awarded every day!

After returning home to the jungle planet Simios, the Apes were subjugated and subjected to experiments for decades. After years of fighting for their freedom, they escaped the enormous lab prisons built by their oppressors and reclaimed the Jungle, where they continue to rule with an iron fist.

Crystals, rare minerals from Planet X varying in quality, are processed in the Refinery. Use these Crystals to level up your Fanatics and Weapons and gain more Staking Power. You can combine Crystals to upgrade their quality.

Crafting Crystals:
Crystals can either be upgraded or decomposed. Combine three lower-quality Crystals into an upgraded one, or decompose one of higher quality into three lower-quality Crystals.

Leveling Up:
Use crystals to level up your Fanatics and Weapons. Earn more Staking Power by upgrading your Fanatics and Weapons, using Crystals of the same level of quality.

Your Fanatics and Weapons is where you draw your power from. Your total Universe Power determines your staking power. You will receive a reward from the staking pool for every 100 Powerpoints your Universe has. If you want to collect more rewards, show your skills at the Arena and keep getting stronger.

Tryhards Marketplace:
One cannot simply jump guns blazing into the Planet X Arena and expect to reach the top of the leaderboard, so finding a game strategy that suits you is very important. Trade Fanatics and Weapons at the Marketplace in order to grow your Universe and succeed in Tryhards.

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