Top Upcoming Solana NFTs Coming Up (Bubblegoose Ballers, Neo Hunters, Shrouded Playground)

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Bubblegoose Ballers –

Neo Hunters –

Shrouded Playground –


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4 thoughts on “Top Upcoming Solana NFTs Coming Up (Bubblegoose Ballers, Neo Hunters, Shrouded Playground)

  • December 22, 2022 at 6:22 pm

    Why is everyone so bullish on Bubblegoose Ballers? I thought NFTs were usually successful because they had good utility?

    Bubblegoose Ballers doesn’t have any utility – their website just says they’re going to create a comic out of the characters but how is that going to make the demand for them to keep increasing for their value to increase?

    It seems like everyone’s promoting it just because Carl Jones created the project. But I’d that really enough for it to become a really good project? Lots of projects endorsed by celebs have flopped majorly or turned out to be rug-pulls…


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