Title: How Do I Make Money From Home? 3 Ways Baby Boomers Can Make Money From Article Marketing

How do I make money from home? This is a common question a baby boomer asks someone when looking for high-paying opportunities online. Is there a free way to make money on the internet? Article marketing is that option. I am listing the 3 reasons article marketing is a great way to make money online below.

The 3 Reasons Article Marketing Can Make You Money:

Direct commissions

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You ask yourself, “How do I make money from home?”. Easy if you like to write. This gives you the opportunity to discuss things that interest you. If you have specific topics that you are talking about and want to embed them into a product that you are interested in, this can be a fantastic opportunity for you to make money. There are many online affiliate programs. Some companies have a physical product, such as: B. Health Articles. Other companies have educational information or marketing programs. The list is endless. All you have to do is write about the company or any concepts or articles that the company is promoting. It costs nothing to write the articles. Every time someone goes to the company’s website and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Google will help you create contacts

There are several writing directories where you can post articles for free. EzineArticles.com is the best known on the market. You need to design your items to meet their standards. If you follow their directions and write a series of articles that they think are high quality, you will become a platinum member of their website. You have unlimited options to submit as many articles as you want. This is very important. The search engines love articles. Google loves articles. As you write more and more articles, the search engines are tabulating this. You build your value and Google will reward you for it. You have a better chance of getting the first page on the search engine. When people want to answer a question, they are more likely to see an article you wrote. It’s a numbers game. Articles are rated high by Google. This creates more sales and more money for you.

Outsource items

If you enjoy writing but don’t have time to write articles, this task can be outsourced. Some companies pay hundreds of dollars for a single sale. You might want to pay someone to write articles for you. This enhances your process of getting leads much faster. There are many educated individuals out there ready to do this for you. There are companies that hire Internet-savvy workers. Let’s say you work 5 days a week. I would suggest that you start article writing in your free time. If you enjoy writing, submit these articles to one of the major Publishing Directory sites. After setting the format, you will find that the item will be accepted if done correctly. After a while, you will learn what the writing directory accepts. You can let someone else do the work for you. While you’re at work making money, a contractor can finish a certain number of items that you both agree on for a fee. You deposit money with a company that oversees the work of the contractor. You have leverage that works in your favor. Once you get 100 to 200 articles in writing directories, your chance of landing on Google’s first page increases dramatically. When the articles are complete and meet your standards, the trust money is released to the writer for his or her work. They would like to receive something in writing that will pass the article on to you. You must have all rights to the completed article. You may want to have a phone conversation with the writer first and request a sample copy. For a minimum of help, you can get people to call you about your product or service. When you get home and have leads, it’s time to pick up the phone in your spare time. The nice thing about attraction marketing is that people are chasing you. Not the other way around.

Direct commissions, contacts that Google can create for you, and item outsourcing all help drive sales on your website.

Source by Randall Greer

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