Tips for getting more Free Traffic

Hello Everyone,
Today I will share 2 free ways to get traffic

1. Facebook Groups: You can get a lot of traffic from it but please don’t go and start posting nonstop on different groups otherwise you will get banned or suspended, 1-5 group in an interval of 3-4 hours is safe. And for higher rankings in groups post videos, you will gain more exposure if you give value before trying to sell

2. Instagram: You have to be consistent here, First pick up the niche you want then keep posting daily, especially reels giving information on that specific niche, don’t lose motivation even if you don’t get any likes or comments on your post, just keep going and one day you will break through. And please stay away from people who offers you shout out, because most probably they are scammers who will just give you fake followers and engagement, however if you want shout out then it’s better you research about it yourself by doing this you will have much less chance of getting scammed. (And yeah, Try posting your own created content for better reach)

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Hope you liked it 🙂

Soon I will share about more free traffic sources so stay tuned, btw you can give a follow if you want 🙂

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