Tips and suggestions on building websites for passive income / flipping ?

Hey guys i’ve been looking into starting to gather some passive and/or extra income sources. I’m a full stack web developer by day and it seems that in this field there’s quite a few options to make some extra income.

I understand the basics of website flipping and all. Essentially, you create a website that fills a certain niche or find a source of traffic for your website and you monetize that with adsense. Then you can choose to keep it as a passive income source or you can flip it and make some quick money.

My problem is that I don’t really know how to find these niches or sources of traffic. I come to you guys hoping that some of you have experience on this field and might be able to point me out to some resources so that I could learn how to do it too. Any suggestions or tips are very welcome! Cheers!

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