The pandemic crushed my career, so I shifted gears.

**TL;DR:** I got comfortable in marketing, lost my edge, the pandemic took my clients away so I took an [online tech sales boot camp that helps you to find you a career and costs nothing upfront]( It gives you access to other professionals and features Fireside Chats where you can speak with executives that followed a similar trajectory.

I’ve been bouncing between jobs FOREVER just to make my freelance marketing career work. Eventually, I ended up working at an Apple Store, and it was great. I managed to parlay a lot of the customers I’d teach there into clients of mine. It was working out so well that I had to leave Apple just to have enough time!

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March 2020 comes around and a large majority of my clients shut their doors. I got lucky and got some work helping restaurants convert to be online-order ready, but that only lasted a couple of months. Many of my regular clients were closing permanently.

I decided to look into tech sales on a whim with the encouragement of some of my friends. I was recommended quite a few boot camps and programs to get up to speed but ended up on Flockjay.

[There were many reasons I decided to go with Flockjay](, but the main one is how they encourage people without sales experience to enroll, and how their main objective is to make tech a more inclusive industry.

I’m almost finished with the program now, and my resume has been revitalized by their professionals, updated on job boards, and I receive 3 or 4 pings every day about tech sales opportunities. It’s been great and I can’t wait to finish. The link I posted throughout is to a Medium post that goes into a little more detail. Check it out if you like, and decide for yourself. It has my email at the bottom, so feel free to reach out and speak with me.

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