The Crypto Wallet For Everyone- ZenGo App Review

The crypto wallet for crypto and non-crypto people. It’s one-stop shop for all your crypto investment needs. It’s quick and simple to use, even your grandmother could use it.
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My X100V Accessories
Gariz Half Case
X100V Thumb Grip
JJC Adapter Ring + Lens Hood
49mm Black ProMist Filter
49mm Lens Cap
JJC Soft Shutter Button

My video gear
Fuji X100V
Fuji XT3
Fujinon 18-55mm Kit lens
My XT3 Cage
FeelWorld 7” Monitor:

Rode Wireless GO
My Lav Mic
My VO Mic
Weebill Lab:
SmallRig Wooden Handle:
My cheap variable ND filter
My background video light

My photo accessories

My flash
My flash trigger
My C-Stand
My Flash Modifiers
My photo backdrop:
My editing tablet ( I won’t edit pics without it)
5 in 1 Reflector
Short Shutter Release Cable

My colour film development kit
Colour Developing Chemicals:
C41 Developing Kit:
Paterson Developer Kit
Paterson Changing Bag:
1L Brown Glass Bottles for chemical storage:
Nitrile Gloves-

Favourite film camera:
Canon A1

Film Camera Accessories:
Rocket Blower
Camera Dust Bag
Silicone Lens Cover
My film scanner

My film sleeves
LR44 camera batteries

Favourite colour film stocks:
Portra 160
What I call poor man’s Portra (ProImage 100):

Favourite B&W stocks:
Pan F

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I use Epidemic Sound for my music

About me: I initially had a clothing company that tanked. However, that experience taught how incredibly expensive it is to outsource your content creation. This prompted me to learn everything I could about photo and video. Shooting video and photo was the aspect of the business I enjoyed the most, so I made the tough decision to focus on those disciplines. Just like you, I’m still learning but I still want to share my experience with you because I love watching videos basically anything related to film photography and video. I hope you’ve taken something useful from watching my channel. It’s been proven that subscribers to my channel are 47% happier than non-subscribers. Food for thought.

Happy Shooting, Zain


4 thoughts on “The Crypto Wallet For Everyone- ZenGo App Review

  • April 21, 2022 at 6:57 am

    ZenGO is the worst. They are a total scam and have the worst customer service imaginable. I have some ETH and Doge thru them. I never touched or deleted or edited the back up folder that was associated with my account and backed to to my iCloud. When I switched to a new phone after backing my old phone up, the contents of that folder were emptied and I was no longer able to access my cryto currency. I have yet be be able to speak to a person after several emails and chats. I keep getting same pat answer from those I am corresponding with online that without that folder I am SOL. I talked to Apple and they told me the folder should not have been touched or wipe due to any of my actions. These people or crooks and totally inept and I highly recommend never going near this company and their product.

  • April 21, 2022 at 6:57 am

    What happens when you suddenly die? Can your family members get to recover your investments? How?


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