The Complete Guide to Creating Systems and SOPs in Your Business

What Are Systems and Why Bother With Them?

Many organisations begin with simply you. Youre the marketing department, finance, and the individual dealing with consumer grievances.

Lets say youre building an e-commerce shop. Youre going to require a customer support (CS) agent eventually to address emails.

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As business grows, youre going to deal with growing pains due to the fact that you cant do whatever yourself. And working with employees isnt instantly going to be the ideal option.

No systems:

The CS associate is frightened of making decisions. Theyre continuously troubling you questions on what to do.
The CS associate answers 50+ e-mails a day separately. It takes them 2.5 hours.
You have constant turnover. Every time you employ a new CS rep, you need to spend 2 weeks training them.

With systems:

Can you see the difference that systems and SOPs can make in your business …

The CS Rep understands your decision-making process. In the 4 Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss informed his reps they might make any decision that costs under $100.
All of your representatives know what the most typical concerns are. The business has created design templates to speed up the procedure. The 2.5 hours to answer emails goes down to one hour.
You have a consistent turnover. However, now it just takes days to train brand-new CS reps. The previous CS representatives created SOPs and screencasts for your new worker to study.

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