Teepublic.Designs not showing in search results? Why? 40 designs, profile picture, proper store front.

Hello,so i setup teepublic account,there is 40 designs, proper store cover. My designs didn’t show on search results. I contacted them through email. This is the answer i got from them. By the way i want to say that i seen peoples stores in search results with two designs only. What is the problem?? If it was copyrights they would took my designs down. Ithink also that quality of my work is not that bad. Seen much worse. First off, thank you for uploading to TeePublic. We appreciate how much work goes into each design, and we thank you! While TeePublic is an open platform where anyone can host and sell from their own storefront, our site’s discovery tools is more curated. Due to legal or creative reasons, your designs will not show up in search or on the “new” or “browse” areas of the site. However, you will still be able to sell your work through the direct link to your page or to the individual product pages

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