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I wanted to know if there is anyone who has worked at any of these companies? I’ve done some writing before and looking to earn a little extra and found them online on job boards and on facebook.

I looked into each and well, it doesn’t look great, so I am hoping for more info on their advantages and disadvantages working for them.

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Of course all of these are work from home, contract and international jobs…



**The Good**: reliable income, flexible work

**The Bad**: outdated training content, the “pool of once-off jobs” is first-come-first-serve basis – so availability of things to do varies (higher paid once-offs are gone quickly)

**The Ugly**: underpaid and undervalued



**The Good**: reliable income, always have work, flexible work

**The Bad**: inconsistent QA feedback for writers, interact with clients directly – who sometimes got reassigned to you after getting a bad resume

**The Ugly**: too much work for little pay



**The Good**: learn a lot, flexible work, different areas of work available

**The Bad**: startup : a lot of things are changing, confusing training content, high-workload.

**The Ugly**: disorganised management, toxic senior writers, very exploitative for new staff and low pay


**More questions :**

1. do they have a quota, do they work on time or per task basis ?
2. hows their QA process after completing stuff?

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