Story Time! Amazon KDP: Low and High Content Books

Would anyone be interested in sharing their experience with this passive income stream? How did you start? Do’s and don’ts? How’s it going, and when did you see it profiting?

I started in December 2022 with a month-long research into this venture, and I have churned out about 16 low-content books in the last 2 weeks *(start of January 2023. I have a graphic and architectural design background, so this was pretty easy for me)*. I intend to churn out 5 weekly for the year’s first half.

Afterwards looking at releasing one high-content book every month for the remainder of the year. I believe this would be the challenge as the topics I am keen to pursue are ones I am also interested in. I was advised not to do this but to focus on a trending niche, even though I don’t have any interest in it. Any thoughts on this?

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Otherwise, if I insist on topics I like, I would need to establish a following first (i.e. social media, blog and newsletter) on the topic I want to focus on and compile the information into a high-content book.

My profit aim is $5K a month with an initial timeline of 12 months (i.e. the whole of 2023).

I would greatly appreciate any stories, advice and ideas for niches and the plan I have noted above.

Thanks in advance, community!

Edit: \*I need to note that I only started the venture in December 2022 with some research on the whole thing and started producing the low-content books (16 to date) in the first two weeks of January 2023.

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