Stop wasting time on cr*p and create real value – Advice for beginners and experienced people alike

After years of searching through the internet and failing really bad, I’ve come to figure that these “completely automatic, don’t do anything and earn money while you sleep” methods are things to lure you into it and waste your time.

**And in return, the ones who lure you, earn boatloads of cash EVERY SINGLE DAY!**

Clickbank Promo Tools

This subreddit has seen people grow from making nothing to making 100s or even 1000s and sometimes earning lot more than their full time jobs passively.

Start spending all your time on these things instead of finding ways to make 1-2$ a month through some boring website.

Take the below as a schedule for yourself, and give yourself 60 days (put it on a calendar).


1. **Study – 10 days**
You need to learn only a couple of things to get started, don’t spend time learning everything before starting. Most of the things will be learned while you do them.
**Learn what it takes to write good marketing copy** \- You don’t need to become an expert, 2 to 5 days of a good course from YouTube should take care of this
**Learn how to build websites -** 1 day at most. It took me less than 1 hour to learn everything I needed to get my website up and running (I now have almost 6 domains, one of which generates a good cashflow)
**Learn Digital Marketing** \- Now, you can take up a course from YouTube again, or trust the beast and take up the **free course from Google Digital Garage**

2. **Sign up on affiliate networks – Less than a few hours**
Click bank, AdmitAd, Amazon Associates, JVZoo, to name a few are some of the most well-known networks that pay on time and pay really high commissions \*(exclude amazon associates from high commissions list, but it’s easier to sell on Amazon since they’ve already built customer trust).\*Alternately, you can sign up to affiliate networks of specific brands of your choice.
Do a google search with “<your favorite brand> affiliate program”. If they have a program, you will get it.

3. **Find a product you ABSOLUTELY LOVE! – Not more than a day**
As a beginner, you should try and find a product that you already recommend to your friends or family with a lot of enthusiasm. Doesn’t matter how small the category is.
A fishing rod from a specific brand
A specific type of RAM for your computers
A set of headsets that you LOVE
4. **Now, go to Google Keyword Planner and find good keywords – 1 day**
Yes, now begins the technical part! You find your favorite product after some thought and now it’s time to use it to earn some money.
Go to Google Keywords Planner tool, and start enter the name of the product.
You will end up with a list of keywords and their search volumes, competition, etc.
Start by finding a keyword that has a decent search volume (100-2000)
5. **Put your copywriting skills to use! – EVERY DAY FOR THE REMAINING DAYS**
This is the part which becomes monotonous, and most people give up.
You are a brand. But no one knows about you.
What do you do?
You go all out, you tell everyone in real life, and on the internet about you.
You write at least a blog post every 2-3 days.
Use your Digital marketing skills learned in step #1 to optimize your website to rank on Google, and drive traffic along with traffic from different sources including Quora, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and any other forums.
Add a ton of value for anyone who comes across your content.
People will quit on you, block you, and completely start ignoring you.

Stay consistent with finding new keywords and related keywords on Google Keywords Planner, and keep creating blog posts, and forum or other digital content on platforms around that topic.

I’ll guarantee you that with this simple method, you will start seeing results.

If not results in terms of money, then in terms of learning what works, and what doesn’t.

For me, out of the 12 or so affiliate products I promoted through my blog and on Quora, I received maximum revenue only from a fat burner pills (the CLA and Green Tea Extract pills) – close to $400. I know it’s not much, but hey! it worked. That’s what matters. Once you know what works, you can focus on scaling.

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