Sniping NFT's Off the Floor – Trading Strategies and Flipping for Profit

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Degens will degen, for this episode we show you how to SNIPE NFTs off the floor and our strategy to flip them for profit! There are SO MANY sweet projects out there, some say the market is saturated… we say saturated with opportunity! We break down exactly how to find winning projects, then research, evaluate and use data (analytics) to back our decision to buy! Some of the topics covered include: Nifty Alpha and Portal, Twitter Spaces, Coniun, Opensea, Top NFT, Charts, Volume, Floor sweeps and sniping, Superrare, Cryptopunks, Pixelvault, Punks Comic, Super Ordinary Villains, Blue Chip Projects and much more!

New to the DJ Booth? If so, here’s what you need to know — We love making money and collecting NFTs, so we use this channel to explore Web3, to show you how we do it.

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