Skills with Short learning curves?

Hey guys.
Hope you are all doing well in these difficult times.

This is my first post in this sub. 25 y/o male from India. Got my bachelors degree in 2016, but due to personal reasons, i didn’t get a job after college. Right now, I’m looking for one, but the problem is I don’t currently have any in demand skills that can land me a good job. And due to the pandemic, I can’t just start with another in-person course, so I started looking up online courses.

So I’m looking for suggestions on what skills have the shortest learning curves that I can at least grasp the basics of in a month or two and start applying for a job in that field. I know that you can’t master any skill in such a short time, but I’m not looking to have expertise in that time-frame, but just a good foundation to start something. Sort of a resume-builder so to speak.

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I’m interested in learning programming and have watched a few YouTube tutorials, but they say, that you still need to specialize in something after the basics BEFORE you get a job and that adds more months to it.

Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.


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