Sites that paid me in March 2021

**Payment Proofs here:** [](

# Testlio: 73$

Clickbank Promo Tools

**Testlio has been a success story so far**. Maybe I got lucky, but I was selected for my first project within a week of signing up. And it is a long-term project that happens every week. It pays 10$ an hour and they pay every week.

# Usertesting: 150$

Usertesting has been one of the easiest and most consistent sources of income for me. It’s like, whenever I log in after a long period of time, I am accepted for one or two tests. I even got a 60$ interview this month, which was a cherry on top.

# Appen: 123$

Another good ol’ income source. Appen was the very first site that introduced me to online earning, and **continues to give me a long-term project every now and then**. I made **123$ from Appen** this month.

Writing Gig: 225$

This wasn’t in the plan but happened by chance. I randomly applied for a **Writing opportunity I saw on Reddit** **(r/WritingJobBoard)** and was surprisingly selected. So I wrote a total of 4 articles (all 1000+ words) and got around 214$ for it all (after Paypal chopping up the taxes).

# Paid Research Study: 20$

So there’s this Job Board on Reddit that posts paid studies happening around the world (but usually for US people – r/PaidStudies). It was a simple survey that I filled daily for 7 days, and I was paid around 20$ for that.

# Testable Minds: 10$

**I still get into a study every now and then** (but it’s all about luck now). I thankfully reached my payout threshold again this month.

# Robson: 62$

Robson finally had new jobs this month, after a long dry period. The same job was available on other platforms like **Appen**, **AudioBee****,** and **Clickworker** as well. But Robson paid the best money for it (1$ per minute of audio recording).

# Transperfect Data Collection: 7$

This Data Collection project from Transperfect finally paid. I was skeptical regarding this since the whole process is very broken (into forms), and it was taking very long. **But they finally paid in March after a long wait.**

It was a really **simple data collection project that took me 5 minutes**.

# Lionbridge Data Collection: 18$

Lionbridge also had a very simple data collection project available. It was a video project due to which it paid significantly more. **Took me 15-30 minutes in total and paid 18$**.

Total: **around 700$**

**Payment Proofs here:** [](

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