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I have wanted to ask this question for so long, maybe years, but never actually asked it. My question is simple – does affiliate marketing work for any type of blog?

For example, a travel blog. Sure it works, because the ads can show products related to traveling that the audience can buy, such as a travel bag, a flashlight, a metal bottle of water, etc. The price of each of those items is about less than $100. This is fine.

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Another example, a skincare blog. Affiliate marketing also works here because the ads can be relevant to the audience – the ads can show skincare products, lotions, body cream, etc. Again, the price of each of those items is about less than $100.

However, let’s say a car blog. How does affiliate marketing work here? Are the ads going to be showing cars for sale? Now, obviously showing cars as ads is not feasible because they cost so expensive (most likely $5,000+ ) compared to things like travel bags, lotions, moisturizers, etc. So what happens in this case? Surely the audience won’t click on the ad, hoping to buy a car? This is much more realistic with travel bags/body cream/flashlight, but surely not with a car?

So my question is, as shown in the example above, a car blog is not suitable for affiliate marketing due to the example shown above. Does this mean affiliate marketing does not work for all types of blogs?

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