Side hustle that pays Ultimate Passive Income

This side hustle can even replace your main income but that’s the other thing but this is what you can say is Ultimate Passive Income.

The reason behind that is you have to put the main work on the first few days and one time you put that you can have steady income.

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I think you most people know about Etsy. Etsy is a platform where you can sell random stuff which is mainly famous related to girls.

But I have found some people selling a shit which requires zero investment and with person making some good money !

So, I was writing a blog about instagram and I found some templates on Pinterest of this and that, never have I ever questions and when I clicked through it. There was a store with about 300 products which was templates of different types.

Then I knew about this shit was a Side-hustle called ‘ Sell Printables on Etsy’

Like you create a digital template through Canva and Making a store on Etsy sell it there which basically require no money to do it.

The store I visited had 300 products with around 100,000 sales and all products was ranged from $5-15+ and had an organic sale every 30 mins.

So, here is how you can make money from doing this ?

•Make a store on Etsy
• Get a Canva Account and create a template. ( Find templates which works by searching Etsy printables or this or that templates on Pinterest)

• Launch your templates on your store.

Now you will be thinking how you get sales. Simply share them again and again on Pinterest.

Also share it on social media like Instagram and Facebook.

So, the girls store was I do printables and on Pinterest she drives traffic to store and get sales.

She share photos related templates, and share the templates on Pinterest and get people to store.

You will be thinking it requires actually no effort store is set and templates are set in few days of starting.

Then you have to just take 10-20 minutes and upload pictures related your templates and there with captions.

Also, if you want to fully automate everything. Then appoint a Pinterest assistant or manager.

Once your store grows up then you can launch expensive products.

You can also do it by buying your own website but that’s not like that it’s all on you.

I hope you liked this Side-hustle. I run a business want to support it, [buy me a coffee](

I am not really posting here as I don’t got support from previous posts. If this post gets will share more and more ideas there is bunch of stuff inside me !

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