Shutterstock question – rejection due to intellectual property, but how have so many others posted images of this?

So, I was trying to post images of the trump baby balloon that I took when I saw it in London. I just signed up to Shutterstock and I’ve read the terms and conditions about needing a release statement for brands, art, or otherwise. In this case, I assume that the trump baby balloon would be classified as art.

After looking around to see if others have posted, it seemed to me like there was so much content surrounding this balloon that the studio that created it must have offered up some universal release or something? However, after attempting to upload my images, they were all rejected due to the determination that the image featured intellectual property, and the second reason being that the title/keyword contained a trademark (trump baby balloon?).

I’m sure that it wasn’t anything else as the background was literally just the sky. All of the other images of this balloon have so many people in them that there’s no way that the photographers got releases from everyone, and I wouldn’t assume that they all contacted the studio responsible for the balloon either… so what’s up with this?

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