Should I try blogging even though I don’t enjoy it ?

Hello everyone, so I’m here because I obviously want to make passive and income, so I started with POD, made a hundred dollars so far, and I’m planning to start a web dev freelance business before the year ends. But, seeing all the case studies you guys are posting hyped me a bit about blogging, people are making hundreds of dollars monthly passively through AdSense and amazon, and that motivated me to start a blog as well, but I know nothing about niche research, well that’s not a problem nowadays since knowledge is free online, the second thing though is that I don’t enjoy writing, it’s not that I hate it, once I’m plugged in it feels ok and kind of fun, but I don’t think I can stay dedicated to something I’m not in love with, also I’m focusing on school, POD and learning more programming since I’m starting a business soon, another thing is that I cannot afford to hire writers for now.

So should I give this a shot, should I spend hours doing and learning niche research ? and more hours writing and optimizing articles ? and if not what other income sources you recommend

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