Selling Digital Experiences From Home

Hey r/WorkOnline, I’m Alec, co-founder at Laylo ([]( My team and I have been working on a tool to help creators monetize online experiences and digital content.

We talked to a lot of creators and learned that many wanted a quick and easy way to host and sell exclusive content directly to their fans. 

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We’ve worked with award-winning musicians, chefs, dancers, meditators, and others, helping them sell everything from live listening parties to meditation sessions. 

A little overview of how Laylo works: Creators create “Drops” which can be a link to an online event, video content, or audio content. You set your price, event date, photos etc. Laylo creates a storefront of all of your drops, and your followers can purchase content they’re interested in.

We also provide marketing tools such as sending email invites and purchase analytics. We support payments (international included) with all major credit cards, as well as, Apple and Google Pay. 

Cashing out is easy, you connect your bank account to Stripe, and when your event is over or people purchase your content, you can directly transfer the money. 

We’re working hand in hand with our early adopters to build the features they need to sell their drops and we’re excited to work with the WorkOnline community!

Ask any questions you have here or through our site.



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