Self-publishing a Book and Making Passive Income

I think **’Self-publishing a Book and Making Passive Income’** is still a good choice.

You can sell tens of thousands of copies, and continue to collect thousands of dollars per month in royalty checks.

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One undeniable truth about self-publishing, writing a book is the easy part. Anyone can WRITE a book in just a few months and have it PUBLISHED on Amazon KDP/Apple Books/Google Play, etc.

Don’t stop, the book can not sell by itself. You need to treat your book as a PRODUCT, even more, a SERVICE.

You need to PROMOTE/MARKET it continuously.

Ultimately, self-publishing can change your life and make your very own PASSIVE INCOME, if you try harder and dig more without giving up.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Anyway, I build a one-page web site for **[‘How to Self-Publish a Book (A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing)’](** as a reference:

I will update the site regularly. (

Any feedback is welcome. 🙂

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