Scale smart movement mastery 2.0 (should I invest my money into it?) (IS it a SCAM?) DISCLAIMER: LINKK FOR scale smart movement mastery 2.0

Hi all that reading this, I’m a underaged kiddo that ~~want,~~ No DESPERATELY needs help!

I stumbled across this site called *scale smart movement mastery* (it marketed everywhere on YT) , it’s run by two guys apparently called Lachie pior and Lucas Durante (Both part of “Digtal Knockout”) . It claims to teach you the ropes to earning a passive income off **Fb Advertisements from small businesses.**

Clickbank Promo Tools

Just a little sceptical.

(Pretty sure this is affiliate marketing?)

After attending their webinar, I was given 2-3 day to purchase it, for a value of $991 or 3 x $591. After that it’s 4k+. I did a little digging, message them directly on Insta and Facebook, but no-one replied? (But they have a lot of evidence)

Should I purchase this? I really want to help my family with the finances.

Is it a scam?

Should I invest into this?

Ps this is the site: [](

Pls help

Thanks for reading this 🙂

Apologies if I sound rude, and if I made assumptions :((


Yup I opened this acc today, so a total newbie:))

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