Salary negotiation

Hi All

I would really appreciate some advice.

The company that I work at has been going through restructuring. I have been offered a newly introduced position within a new team at the company.

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The salary offered to me seems to be way below the market rate. It’s quite confusing to get a gage for what the salary should be for the position, because the remit of the work has yet to be decided and no one knows what exactly each position will be doing within the team.

However, based on the job title – the salary is way below the market rate.

I explained to my manager I would have to do some market research and see what the market rate is for the salary before accepting.

My manager went on to say the following:

– HR makes the decision for the salaries and there is little wiggle room

– The company pays below the market rate but offers perks such as doubling your pension contribution

– She always tries to get the best salary for her employees (but the decision of salary is up to HR).

We ended the conversation with me saying that I will be doing research and getting back to her about salary.

The difference in salary between what I’ve been offered and the market rate for the job title is £7,000. All they have done is increased the salary that I am on currently by very little.

I will present my case to her based on the market rate, my skills and experience.

However. I am afraid her counter will be, it’s a newly formed team and there are pay caps/bands. What would be a good counter to this? And based on what she said what would you recommend?

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