Remote Background Acting Gig/Zoom Meeting Reactions

Hello! I produce promo videos for [virtual presentations]( and I’m casting for short reaction videos of real Zoom attendees working from home. While stock footage sites are great, most Zoom meeting style footage on those sites are over-produced and not applicable to our series of videos. So here I am on r/WorkOnline doing a casting call!

**Role: Zoom Meeting Attendee in Business Casual Attire**

Clickbank Promo Tools

**Role Requirements: Must have a computer with a 720p or above webcam and Zoom capability. Ability to self-record your webcam view via Quicktime or a Windows based software. Comfortable “acting” out basic meeting reactions such as “listening intently” and “laughing at joke.”**

**Ages 18 and over. All genders and ethnicities are invited to apply.**

**Pay: $20 for a 15 minute recording session.** Payment will be done through PayPal invoicing. Additional gigs with longer recording times and higher stipends may be available.

**Recording Dates: Looking to record 5 people the week of February 22nd.** More gigs available as additional video projects come up.

If you are interested, please email Casting at []( and include a screenshot of your work from home office view via zoom. A clean wall or a home office with minimal decoration is preferred. Please mention if you have background options. No acting experience required, but please feel free to mention any experience you may have.


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