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Hi! New to this sub. I apologize if this has been asked before. I did a search and found a thread from a year ago on a different sub but nothing form here and I would imagine things may have changed.

I have been using Wix art store to sell my work and it has been going fairly well. Wix however, cost ~$30/mo for the website and hosting so I have been look into other options.

Does anyone in the US know if Redbubble files sales tax for you or if you have to get a vendor’s license collect, file, and remit on your own? It seems like the terms of service contradict themselves. They say they will collect and remit but then say they are not responsible for doing that and you need a tax pro.

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I am fairly versed in sales tax from my Wix store but I did have a problem once because I didn’t file a zero dollars return. I hadn’t had sales so I didn’t file. Several months later I got a letter saying they had done an assessment and I owed $3k for the month that I skipped. Which was ridiculous since I hadn’t even made that much in sales. It took forever to work it out and I’d like to not repeat that experience.

I am also looking at teespring and merch by Amazon. So if anyone has experience on those I would super appreciate any knowledge anyone has to share.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Seems even the CPAs don’t really know on this one. I have reached out to 2 who both had no idea what I was talking about but both said they’d research and respond. I’ll update my post once I hear anything useful.

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