Redbubble + Teepublic + Amazon Merch?


I’m first time poster, long time lurker.

I started my Redbubble few months ago, and started making around 70-100$ on regular months (I made 300$ during november so far yay!).

Clickbank Promo Tools

I was wondering, If Teepublic is worth it. I set up my shop and uploaded few designs but got no sales.. Is it slower than RB? I understand that each site has different audience and I tried to adjust my designs to it, but nothing.. I’ll be patient and have nothing to lose, but Im just curious whats your experience with TP in 2020 🙂

Im pretty new to passive income (I started in 2020 with the RB shop I was talking about), but I want to up it and get into it more because why not! Also is getting into Amazon merch even reachable?

Thank you for your time y’all!

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