Redbubble suspend accounts

My account has been blocked 3 days ago for no reason , i have not received any notification about infringing policies or community guidelines ..
I contacted the worst support that i seen in my life , and the reply was like that :
” Thanks for your reply.

While we do not take the decision to close an artist’s account lightly, we have to abide by our policies. This is a final decision.

We ask that you do not open any new accounts in the future. Any other accounts found to be owned or operated by you will be suspended immediately ”

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He said that i did not respect his policies , i did not upload any design from 2 months and i had not received any copyright warning for a long time , all my designs are respecting the rules i mean no political design no mature design no racist design like the others ..
I dont know what is the policies i didnt respect ..

Anyway , i would know if i can open another account i know that ia not possible due to message but i would know if any hope to contact support to get unbanned

Thank you ❤

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