Redbubble? Society6? What options are there?

I am leaving the company I’ve worked in for the last 2 years and want to focus on creating passive income streams. I’m a creator. I can draw simple things, hand letter, have a good understanding of typography, vast experience with Photoshop. My idea is to focus on trends to start selling quickly. But because there are so many possibilities, I get anxious about what sites and what trends to choose. How can I use my art skills to make good money?

EDIT: I live in a country where, if I make 10-15 dollars a day, it’ll be more than I make in my regular job. I’m leaving the company for many reasons and one of them is time. I wanna be able to take care of my 1yo and my husband’s income is enough for the moment. Because of the parenting and house work, I don’t have much time left to create designs.

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