Real estate. Cannabis or education.

Hi all,

I am total & permanent disabled veteran. My current income is from my Disability Compensation. I have not accessed any of my Military Retirement benefits (I can due to 100% Service-connected T&P disabled veteran). Therefore, non-taxable income is $3100 (public info). & Traditional Investments (stocks, mutual, ETFs) etc.

Researching for an investment property outside of California. I have recently traveled to Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kentucky, New Orleans, New Mexico, & Arizona by road trip (have a dog, & back problems don’t do flight so well).

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My initial research was based on investing in Texas near University area. Having veteran benefits, use the benefits to purchase a property & rent it out to students, for $1500 a month. Due to Covid-19, new data created, new Risks.

However, during this Pandemic, have been able to connect back with my veteran brothers. Some live in Oklahoma & want to do a joint Investment on Cannabis Production & Distribution.

Should I stick to my original plan (research) for Texas University area property, for rental income (students). Or take the higher risk, get a country property, joint Investment w/ veteran brothers, on Cannabis industry? (I Know will require active work) – however the Cannabis Real-Estate Investments is very promising.

For helping me decide.

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